Carpet Seam Repair

Carpet seams may need to be repaired for the following reasons:​

1. Pet Damage

2. Flooding Delamination

3. Improper Seam Materials

4. Inexperienced Carpet Installer

Repairing seams can be done at a fraction of the price it would be to replace the carpet.  Whether the seam is pulling apart, fraying, or is the victim of a pet, Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair can fix your seams using the latest technology along with quality materials. This allows us to leave you with a 5 Year Warranty in writing on most carpet seam repair projects.

Quality Seam Work

When new carpet is initially installed, it usually comes in 12-foot widths. Because of this, carpet needs to be cut and seamed in doorways as well as when a room is wider than 12 ft. To accomplish a high-quality seam, there are several factors to consider such as:​

1. Cutting Carpet: The edge of the carpet roll needs to be cut very straight for the installation and seam work to be completed well.  If an installer does not cut the carpet carefully and accurately, the yarns on the top of the carpet could become damaged resulting in an unsatisfactory seam.


2. Seam Seal: As the carpet is cut, an edge is exposed where the carpet backing can delaminate or separate and yarns can be lost. This can happen gradually due to foot traffic and vacuuming and will result in an unattractive seam. When a good quality seam seal is applied correctly, these issues can be avoided.


3. Carpet Seams: Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair uses only high-quality seam tape and seam seal.  Our technicians are also trained to use the Kool Glide seam iron which contributes to good looking, long lasting seams. When you use Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair, you can be confident the seam will be long-lasting and its appearance will be greatly improved.

Carpet Seam Repair Quote

Call (405) 404 5150 or email us at today for a free quote on your seam repair.  If you know how many lineal feet are needing fixed, we will be able to provide a reasonable price range.  We look forward to taking care of any of your carpet repair needs!

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