Carpet Transitions

If you are a homeowner and have recently had flooring installed at your home you may be in need of a carpet transition.  Carpet transition pieces, sometimes called thresholds, may be necessary when carpet meets any of the following surfaces:

  • Hardwood Floors

  • Linoleum 

  • Tile

  • Concrete

Each one of these scenarios has many options for transition types.

Types of Carpet Transitions

While we are willing to install any transition of your liking, we stock our truck with the following transitions:

  • Flush Carpet Transition: This type of transition does not involve any edging piece and therefore doesn’t cover where the carpet and other surface meet.  Tack strip is installed at the transition area, the carpet is stretched up to and hooked onto the tacks, then the carpet is tucked into the edge of the other surface.  Since this is the cheapest method and typically will last for the life of the carpet, most transitions fall into this category.


  • Turn-and-Tack Carpet Transition: When there is a wood sub-floor, certain settings may require folding the edge of the carpet and stapling it through the floor. In most cases, you will not be able to see the staple marks as the staples are placed between the fibers.


  • Hammered Metal Transition: Metal transitions can at times accentuate the design of a tiled floor.  These transitions commonly act as a border between the carpet and tile in bathrooms or kitchens.  It can come in many colors including silver, gold, nickel, and pewter.


  • Rubber Transition: Places of business typically prefer rubber transitions.  They are very secure, endure a lot of abuse, and are ideal for carts and other wheel units to roll over.

If you would like a quote on installing a carpet transition in your home or business, feel free to call (405)-404-5150 or email us at Not only will we install your transition, but will happily leave you with a 5 Year Guarantee in writing for the jobs that qualify.

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