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Will this product look good once it is actually in my home?  Leave the guess work behind.  When it comes to choosing the perfect product, nothing can compare to seeing it in the setting and lighting of your personal home.  At Nip & Tuck Flooring we bring the product to you, leaving you confident in your selection. Providing the highest quality products, sales, and installation services is our priority. 

What can you expect when you call us about a flooring project?

(1) APPOINTMENT:  A free in-home flooring consultation will be scheduled.  All of the important questions will be answered during this meeting including: What type of flooring is best suited for your project?  What products are available within in your price range?  How will it look when installed?  Once you have chosen a satisfactory product, we will place an order and set up an installation date.

(2) INSTALLATION:  Flooring is only as good as the installer.  Rest assured that with Nip & Tuck Flooring we will educate you on long-lasting products and it will be installed with great professionalism and care.  We only use the most reputable and knowledgeable technicians who take great pride in their work.  That is our Nip & Tuck Guarantee. 

If you would like a free in-home flooring consultation, please call Andrew at 303-728-4531. 

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