Carpet Patching

The following are situations that a carpet patch might be the right solution for:

  • Pet Damage

  • Cigarette Burns​

  • Pulled Yarns

  • Stains

  • Frayed Carpet

What goes into having a good high-quality patch?


1. Trained Technician:

Just like most trades, carpet repair work is only as good as technician doing the repair. Without training

2. Professional Equipment:

While there are many ways to complete a patch, not all methods are equal. At Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair, we use only the highest quality products such as Premium KoolGlide tape.  We also insist on utilizing the latest technology, including the Koolglide Seam Iron. This seam iron allows our technicians to use minimally invasive methods to complete a long-lasting, less noticeable patch. How is it done?  While traditional seam irons are a bit quicker, they require the user to do everything from below the carpet, sometimes resulting in having to cut a bigger patch to fit.  In contrast, the Koolglide Seam Iron allows us to seam from the top of the carpet and to reheat the patch if needed, without unnecessarily removing a piece of carpet larger than the actual damage.

3. Premium Materials:

 Although using the highest quality seam tape and seam seal glue is more expensive it makes all the difference in the longevity of the repair. Because Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair takes pride in their work and is very concerned about long-term customer satisfaction we insist on only using the premium products.  This allows us to proudly put a 5 Year Warranty on most carpet repair projects.

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