5 Year Warranty: At the completion of a job the technician will email the homeowner a receipt as well as a 5-year guarantee.  This guarantee states that we will return to a residence if absolutely any issues regarding the repair work we completed arise.  Of course situations beyond our control such as a pet returning to damage an area repeatedly, water damage, or defective carpet is not covered under this warranty. We take great pride in our work. If the home owner is available after our work is completed, the technician will complete a walk through with them to ensure customer satisfaction.

Approximate Pricing:

           Small Carpet Patches                                  $40/patch

           Larger Carpet Patches                                $15-20/lineal ft

           Carpet Stretching  (under 150 sq ft)         $50/ Room


           Carpet Transition to Tile                             $30/doorway

           Installing Standard Stairs                           $15/stair

General Price Range: Over the phone, we can give you a price range within $30 if we have accurate details. The repair can be as low as $75, but the average cost of a carpet repair project is around $150-200. Of course, this varies and may end up being more or less depending on the size of the project. The price range over the phone can be more accurate when we are given the following details:

  • Room or Patch Dimensions: We charge by the lineal and square foot so this information will help greatly in providing a quote.

  • Length of Seams: Again, we charge by the lineal foot, so this measurement will allow us to give an accurate quote.

  • Number of Areas: If we know how many hallways, stairs, bedrooms, etc are needed, we can give a closer estimate.

Exact Price Quote: After arriving at the residence, the technician will assess the damage, measure where necessary, then provide you with an exact price. If the project is within the bounds of what was quoted over the phone and you approve, the technician can begin the carpet repair work immediately.  Fill out the contact form below to receive a free quote.

Pricing / Warranty

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