How much should carpet repair cost?

Whether it be your pet tearing up the carpet while you were on vacation or that kool-aid being spilled on your new white carpet, you may have ended up here looking for some sort of idea on the cost to bring back your carpets to new condition. To be honest, pricing can vary from company to company depending on their expertise. While each repair project will be unique, hopefully the following can give you a better idea on pricing.


Within the carpet repair industry, there is not so much information out out there on pricing. Usually, most companies will want you to call to get a quote or even come to do an estimate first. With that being said, the following is a general idea on the pricing at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair:

Small Patch Cost (under 1'x1') $40-80

Mid-sized Patch Cost (1'x1' - 3'x3') $80-180

Larger Patch Cost (3'x3' - 6'x6') $180-240

Now if you would like to learn more about how to patch the carpet if you have no extra carpet then read the following page to find out more:


Whenever you are looking to fix those unsightly wrinkles, make sure that the technician coming will be equipped with what is called a power-stretcher. This tool, when used properly, typically will tighten the carpet indefinitely. In most cases, using a tool not meant for stretching full rooms such as a knee-kicker (yes, they bang on it with their knee) is the cause of wrinkles forming in the first place. To have the carpet stretched adequately on wood sub-floor, the following will give out a general guide on pricing:

Smaller Area Cost (under 12'x12') $40-60

Mid-sized Area Cost (12'x12' - 15'x15') $60-95

Larger Area Cost (15'x15' - 20'x20') $95-170

If the area is on concrete, you'll want to expect a 10% increase in the price as it adds difficulty in stretching methods and trying to secure the tack-strip.


In an ideal situation, all of the furniture would be removed from each room being stretched. With that being said, often times it may not really be feasible. For us, if you are able to move any fragile items from the stretch-walls, we'll be able to work with approximately 50% of the room being empty of furniture. Typically, items such as beds would not have to be removed. If there is excessive furniture, you could expect an increase in 50-100%, but this is rare.


To get an accurate quote over the phone it is best to have measurements of each patch or room needing repaired. With this information, the office will be able to provide you with a narrow cost-range for your project. Of course, when on-site an exact estimate will be given before ever completing the work.

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