What is involved in a high-quality carpet installation?

In the Denver Metro market there is much competition in the carpet industry. Unfortunately, to be competitive, many will cut at the installer's expense. As a result, the installer is forced to focus on quantity, not quality. We have found that this results in less quality seams, more accidents, and blown-out knees for the installers. With this being said, we feel it only right to compensate our installers fairly for the work that they do, while expecting a high-standard of installation. But what is involved in a high-quality installation? What makes an installer a true professional?

(1) POWER STRETCHING: Have you ever seen wrinkles in carpet years after an installation? That is most likely because it was not stretched properly. To save time, many will use a knee kicker (ouch!) that does not stretch the carpet adequately. It's like trying to tighten a nut on the bolt using only your fingers. It just doesn't cut it!

(2) SEAMS: Manufactures will state that there is no such thing as an invisible seam, which is true. BUT, what makes a professional is making those seams CLOSE to invisible. Seams typically should not be a scar in the middle of your room. When it is cut properly, seam sealed properly, and seamed together properly, you may be surprised how well that carpet seam will look. With that being said, if you look hard enough, you may be able to spot a seam. There is balance in this regard, but who do you want putting together thousands of dollars of your investment? You probably don't want the guy that says, "Well no seam is invisible. That's just the way it is!" after they have left a scar through your living room.

With these two factors in mind, it becomes evident that your satisfaction will depend on a good quality installer. Here at Nip & Tuck Flooring we refuse to underpay our professional installers so that you can truly have a 5 Star flooring experience that results in a beautiful product in your home.

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