Carpet Stair Installation

There are a few types of stair installations:

Waterfall Steps

This kind of installation does not wrap around the nosing of the stair. Instead, it "waterfalls" from the nosing down to the corner of the tread. This installation is cheaper, but it is not as secure as "wrapped" steps. Due to there being no way to stretch the width on the riser, some carpet can tend to form wrinkles over time. 

Wrapped Steps

This kind of installation wraps around the nosing of the stair. Many prefer the look of this type of installation. It does also have the advantage of being more secure, with no possibility of wrinkles forming on the riser. This is because it is not "floating" like a "waterfall" stair is. It is firm against the wood riser underneath, stapled in the creases of the corner with no where to wrinkle. 

Custom Steps

These would be any steps that have spindles, need to be custom cut around a corner, or wrap 360 degrees around the tread. 

Quote & Warranty

Feel free to call us to get a free quote on your carpet stair installation today! All of our work comes with a 5 Year Warranty. 

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